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Becoham – David Beckham Inspired Chinese Condoms

26. February 2009


So the story supposedly goes like this.  A Chinese condom manufacturing company was suffering lackluster sales in the marketplace.  In effort to boost sales the company tried one last tactic by changing the brand name to “Becoham” which in Chinese sounds exactly like Beckham, as in David Beckham, the celebrity soccer player.  Thanks to this […]

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Genki Japan: Fun Japanese Learning Songs

24. February 2009


In my random searching for good or fun Japanese learning materials I came across a website which takes a very unique approach to Japanese learning.  It’s called (though for some reason when you get to the site it redirects to  “Genki” in Japanese means “energetic” or “fun” and “Japan” means Japan the country […]

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Top 10 Foreigners Who Speak Chinese Better than Me

19. February 2009


Considering my parent’s are immigrants from Taiwan and I’ve been studying Chinese since I was a kid you would think I would be pretty good at Mandarin.  However, I suck.  While it doesn’t take much to find someone who speaks better Mandarin Chinese than me here are 10 non-native Chinese speakers who rock the language. […]

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Panda, Nature’s Language Master and Teacher

18. February 2009


For better or for worse , I’ve started to notice a trend in foreign language education.  Apparently, pandas are the most qualified to teach children foreign languages.   Of all of nature’s animals–monkeys, giraffes, sharks, owls, etc … — pandas are the one animal who’s language ability surpasses all the other animals and is the animal […]

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French Women Not Into “He’s Just Not That Into You”

4. February 2009

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Liz Tuccillo is the co-author of  the best selling American book HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and past writer on the HBO show Sex and the City.  After lackluster sales of her book in France, which was also one of the last countries to buy the rights to the book, she decided to investigate […]

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