French Women Not Into “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Wed, Feb 4, 2009

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Liz Tuccillo is the co-author of  the best selling American book HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and past writer on the HBO show Sex and the City.  After lackluster sales of her book in France, which was also one of the last countries to buy the rights to the book, she decided to investigate why the French had snubbed her mega popular American book.   In this four part video series she tours around France interviewing men, women, and couples to find out if the French are just too proud to read self help books or maybe they know something Americans don’t know.

Before I get to the videos I wanted to contrast how popular the book is in the United States versus France.  I decided to compare the number of customer reviews the book received from Amazon.  In the US vesrion of the book received a healthy 846 reviews (as of today’s date).


In France, the book is called is translated into Laisse tomber, il te mérite pas ! (which according to google translates to “Forget it, you deserve it!”) and on France it received a whopping 2 reviews.


I never followed Sex and the City, but I’ve seen snippets of the show to get a feel for each of the characters.  Watching Liz in these videos I can’t help but get the feeling that the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw is haunting me.  Come to think of it that whole show haunts me…Either way these videos are pretty amusing and eye-opening as well.

Paris: Chapter 1 “Parlez-Vous My Book?”

Paris: Chapter 2 “Where’d they learn that?”

Paris: Chapter 3 “Date Doesn’t Translate”

Paris: Chapter 4 “A Parisian Love Affair”

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  1. vta Says:

    “il te merite pas” means HE doesn’t deserve YOU. Google translate mixes up pronouns sometimes.

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