Panda, Nature’s Language Master and Teacher

Wed, Feb 18, 2009

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For better or for worse , I’ve started to notice a trend in foreign language education.  Apparently, pandas are the most qualified to teach children foreign languages.   Of all of nature’s animals–monkeys, giraffes, sharks, owls, etc … — pandas are the one animal who’s language ability surpasses all the other animals and is the animal that children will listen to while learning languages.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at some of the products out there which feature pandas as the teacher.

Panfu: virtual language learning world
Penelope Panda Panfu is an online language learning world for teaching children Spanish.  According to their website their pandas have taught over 4.5 million users.  If you follow their guide you can get a “virtual tour of the world of pandas!
YouTube Preview Image
Little Pim: language learning DVD’s
little-pim the panda teaching spanish Little Pim is a series of French, Chinese, and Spanish language immersion DVD’s for children.  It’s taught by none other than Little Pim, the PANDA!  Interestingly, this series of DVD’s was developed by the daughter of Paul Pimsleur (the famous applied linguist which the Pimsleur series of learning cd’s was named after).
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Mandy and Pandy: Chinese learning books
mandy-and-pandy Chinese language learning books Mandy and Pandy are a series of Chinese learning books for kids which feature Mandy (a little girl) and her friend Pandy, which if you haven’t guess…is a PANDA!  Together through their adventures they learn Chinese.
YouTube Preview Image
Early Start Mandarin:  Chinese learning books and DVD’s
bao-bei-the-panda Eartly Start Mandarin is a series of books and videos for learning Mandarin featuring Bao Bei the PANDA.  I don’t mean any disrespect to the company or what they are doing, but of all the pandas feature, I find this one the most disturbing…Bao Bei scares me.
YouTube Preview Image
Pandamanda:  virtual language learning world
pandamanda a fictional online virtual language learning world I have to be honest, even I was not immune to the panda language teaching phenomenon.  A few years ago I entered a business plan competiton with a plan to create an online virtual language learning world for children called Pandamanda.   When I saw Panfu (above) it made me think of my own project.  However, in our world you were guided by Agent Pandamanda, a secret agent who was your partner as you solved various cases / mysteries out of the Pandamanda headquarters.  It was around the time where I had been watching a lot of the show 24 and was inspired (so in my case Agent Pandamanda was to be like Agent Jack Baur, minus all the violence of course…).  We never built the world, but we did for ask $4 million dollars to do so.  For some reason no one gave us the money 🙁

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  1. Magnus Says:

    Ah ya. panda Overload!!!

  2. ben Says:

    I know Panda’s everywhere!!

  3. Beth Butler Says:

    I never realized there were so many companies using Pandas – thanks for the very comprehensive overview! Amazing!

  4. ben Says:

    @ Beth Butler, Glad I could bring a little light to the Panda Pandemic 🙂

  5. KATIE Says:

    My daughter, almost 2 has been watching pim since she was about 9 months old. We love him. We learn so much. We just wish there were more episodes.

  6. KATIE Says:

    My daughter and I wish we could find more immersion dvds for children. Any recomendations? We are learning French and Spanish. I would like to try russian.

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