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Wed, Apr 1, 2009

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After featuring foreigners who spoke Chinese really fluently, I decided to look into foreigners who could speak Korean fluently.  In my search I came across a KBS (Korean Broadcasting Show) called “미녀들의 수다.”  “Global Talk Show” is the official English translation of the show according to KBS, but other English translations include: Talk with beauties, Talking with beauties, a Chat with Beauties, and even the Beauties’ Chatterbox.  The premise of the show is quite simple.  Get beautiful foreign females who live in Korea and get them together to discuss various topics related to Korea.  

The panel of females includes women from such countries as New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Japan, etc…here’s a screenshot from the official 미녀들의 수다 (Global Talk Show) website highlighting some of the female panelists on the show (click on the image to view the full list of panelists):


Wikipedia’s brief description states the Global Talk Show or a Chat with Beauties:

is a television program on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in South Korea. The show is a survey of foreign women who reside in South Korea who discuss their experiences and cultures in talk show format. After high viewer ratings from its first broadcast on October 7th, 2006 during the Korean harvest festival holiday, it became a regularly broadcast program starting November 26th, 2006.

Here’s an English guided video tour of  미녀들의 수다 (Global Talk Show):

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s a sample portion of the show that someone has subtitled in English (warning some of the English translated is not perfect, but it’s definitely better than nothing):

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently the show isn’t without critics as discovered by A Year in Mokpo who found that:

When the show began the women on the panel were mostly old hands, Korea-wise, in particular American Leslie Benson, who’s spent 11 years in Korea and speaks fluent Korean. The show was mostly people who know Korea well telling Koreans about their own country, gently pointing out some of Korea’s less proud aspects, in particular, its sexism.

Well after plodding these well-worn boards for a long time, these topics have ceased to be interesting. Anybody out there who watches this program will notice that in an effort to maintain the interest of basically talking about in-your-face old ladies, drinking soju and eating dog meat, they have changed the format from ‘knowledgeable foreigners discuss their experiences in Korea thoughtfully’ to ‘buckwild foreign chicks who don’t know anything about Korea and can barely speak Korean say shocking, uninformed things in barely understandable Korean’

I can’t really comment on the quality of their spoken Korean, but I know the young attractive female beauties of “A Chat with Beauties” are much better than I am, but then again that isn’t saying much!


I found some more info the show and these “Beauties.”  If you scroll down the page it lists some very basic information on each of the hosts (like what ethnicity they are and their picture).  Check it out here.

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  1. 니콜렛(Nicolette) Says:

    I have been trying to go to the 미녀들의수다 program for so long now… but I don’t know where to go or who to contact so that I can register. I’ve been living in Korea for 4 years now and can speak everyday Korean fluently. Who must I contact in order to get on to the show? Can somebody please help me?(I’m Caucasian and form South Africa)

    정말 미녀들의수다에 가고싶은데 도와주시겠어요? (전 남아공 사람이구요)

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