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Fri, Apr 17, 2009

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My mission was simple.  Go out and search the world wide web to find the best bloggers that blog about learning Mandarin Chinese.  What kind of blogs?  Chinese language blogs that talk about language learning resources, tips for speaking, offer listening practice, etc…   There are many blogs about living in China and while these are interesting it doesn’t really help students looking to improve their Chinese.  Below is a list of the best Chinese language learning blogs that specifically help students learn Chinese.

Laowai Chinese:  Tips and Strategies to Learn Chinese


Laowai Chinese covers various different topics related to learning Chinese — vocabulary, resources, and even pronunciation to name a few topics.  The blog is well written and maintained by Albert Wolfe.   Albert started teaching himself Chinese in July of 2005 and rather than have people learn the lessons he did as he learned he decided to post what he learned on Laowai Chinese.  He’s currently working on a book Chinese 24/7 which is a textbook to help students study Chinese without a formal classroom environment.

2 posts worth checking out:

Beijing Sounds: Beijing sounds, mostly language, through foreign ears.


Beijing Sounds is a Chinese learning blog focused on listening and pronunciation skills related to the Beijing Chinese accent.  They have been around for a few years and what’s unique about Beijing Sounds is how they have audio clips of authentic Chinese speakers accompanying many of their posts.  They also include pinyin with any Chinese written so beginners won’t be clueless as to what is being said.   The blog is authored and edited by the mysterious SYZ.

2 posts worth checking out:

Pinyin News: the blog of Pinyin.Info


Pinyin News is the official blog of Pinyin.Info (a guide to the writing of Mandarin Chinese in romanization).  If you can’t guess by the name the blog and website are all about pinyin.  The blog covers issues on the technical details of writing pinyin, sightings of pinyin in real life, and issues related to Chinese learning.  For a beginner pinyin is a great place to start to get familiar with the pronunciation mechanics of Mandarin Chinese.  The blog is authored and maintained by Mark Swofford who is located in Banqiao, Taiwan.

2 posts worth checking out:

Mandarin Student: An English person learning Mandarin from the Internet


Mandarin Student is the Mandarin language learning blog of Chris.  Chris is from Bath in the United Kingdom and has decided to undertake learning Chinese online.   On his blog you can find Chinese language learning resources he has accumulated and other tips and tricks to help other students.  This is a great blog to read for beginners of Chinese or those looking for the latest online tools to supplement their own learning.

2 posts worth checking out:

Learning Chinese Blog: Experiences in Learning Chinese


The Learning Chinese Blog is Philip Perry’s blog that documents his experiences as he learns Chinese.  This is a newer blog compared to the other blogs mentioned, but it is another great blog for beginners since the Philip himself recently started learning Chinese.

2 posts worth checking out:

  • Learning Hanzi: Philip’s strategies for remembering Chinese characters
  • Useful Websites:  A list and description of various online tools and resources for learning Chinese

–BONUS BLOG– Lost Laowai “Learning Chinese” Blog Posts


Lost Laowai is technically an expat blog where many different authors contribute blog posts about their experiences living in China.  However, they do have a “Learning Chinese” category for their posts that is worth checking out.  Since there are many different contributors to the blog you get many different perspectives on learning Chinese.

2 posts worth checking out:

There you have it.  That’s the list so far.  If you have any other additions you think should be added to the list don’t hesitate to post a comment or contact us.  Happy studying!

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