About Us

Greetings and welcome to DipToGo!

DipToGo is not your average language and culture website.  Most people cringe when they hear about “language and culture” and immediately think “BORRRING!”  This is not just another language and culture site.  Other websites focus on “weird news” going on in other countries.  While I find weird news interesting I wanted to go beyond the weird news to find out more about a country’s people and culture.  Since language is a big part of culture I also wanted to include and highlight the more interesting tools and stories that are out there on the information super highway.

In the end I want to make the process of discovering languages and culture fresh and fun.    On the language side I’m looking for innovative tools for learning languages, what works for learning a language and what doesn’t, etc…  On the culture side I’m looking for videos, stories, and pictures that highlight what life is like in the countries that these languages are spoken.   What do people eat, where do they shop, what and where do they play…stuff like that.


A lot of the stuff we find is online so if we are absolutely wrong, please let us know.  But also if  you have any feedback, suggestions, disagreements, or story ideas contact us at

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