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Talking with Beauties: Female Foreigners Speaking Korean

1. April 2009

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After featuring foreigners who spoke Chinese really fluently, I decided to look into foreigners who could speak Korean fluently.  In my search I came across a KBS (Korean Broadcasting Show) called “미녀들의 수다.”  “Global Talk Show” is the official English translation of the show according to KBS, but other English translations include: Talk with beauties, […]

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Panda, Nature’s Language Master and Teacher

18. February 2009


For better or for worse , I’ve started to notice a trend in foreign language education.  Apparently, pandas are the most qualified to teach children foreign languages.   Of all of nature’s animals–monkeys, giraffes, sharks, owls, etc … — pandas are the one animal who’s language ability surpasses all the other animals and is the animal […]

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Text to Speech: Your Own Language Slave

23. January 2009


TTS or Text To Speech is the process of converting any written text to spoken speech by way of a computer.   In the past the quality of these text to speech tools was pretty bad.  It would sound like robots were talking to you instead of humans.  However, a lot of progress has been made […]

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